• Room Size: 21’ (W) x 23’ (D)
  • Stage Size: Flat Floor – No Fixed Stage
  • Ceiling Height: 9’
  • Capacity: 20 persons maximum standing room / 15 persons maximum seated
  • Stage Lighting: PAR38 LED with colored gels optional, (2) rows (upstage, downstage, audience), (4) fixtures per row
  • Behringer X32, 32 Channel Console, 16 XLR outputs,16 mix busses, 8 DCAs, 6 aux I/O 1/4? balanced, all graphic and parametric EQ’s as well as dynamics/FX are stock within the board. Built in 2-track USB recorder, built-in 32 I/O USB audio card. Pro Tools, DP, Cubase, Logic compatible. iPad/iPhone connectivity (up to 10 devices) for personal monitoring mix via X32 app. (App needs to be downloaded to your device, Router/AP not provided).
  • FOH Speakers: (2) EAW KF300 over (1) EAW SB850 per side
  • Monitors:  (4) EAW SM200 Monitors on (3) front mixes + (1) QSC K12.2 drum fill with (1) QSC KW181 Sub
  • Microphones: Shure and Sennheiser wired microphones included with room rental